What is the Tricotrí?

El Tricotrí is a wine and tapa pairing, also known as a marriage, which is organised by and in the Cafè Pessets on Wednesday evenings.
It was actually a proposal that came from outside the Cafè. On Wednesdays a group of people met at the Café to do theTricotrà (knitting and crocheting). At that moment, a special evening for single people in the area was organised to so there might be new friendships made.
The truth be told, the Tricotrí has become more and more popular every month, but the fact is that, to our knowledge, no matchmaking has resulted. People come and meet, and drink and eat whatever their age and status.
Some of the tapas we have made over the last years:

And if you try the Tricotrí and feel like sharing, our social network identifications are the following hashtags #Tricotrí i #CafePessets